A380 – A Flavorful Adventure

p014ftnsLove airline food?
Love the décor of that majestic bird that transports us from city to city?
But terrified of flying? Of Turbulence?
What would you say if you could grab a meal on a plane without the long lines of security checks, or tickets or most importantly more than chicken or fish as your options?

Set in an overcast commercial building in central Taipei, Taiwan, the A380 In-Flight Kitchen looks and functions like an airline in many ways, expect that it serves a regular restaurant menu of Western food, sometimes in plastic trays. This restaurant hasn’t fallen short in their efforts to recreate the airline experience. The wannabe passengers, are seated in soft speckled blue seats with headrests covered in white napkins and under oval-shaped windows. Locked white baggage compartments hang overhead.

Waitresses dressed as flight attendants take meal orders for filet mignon or waffles, as well as the customary fish and chicken. Staff say “welcome aboard” to customers and issue boarding passes to those who must wait for a table.

Of the 84 seats, 20 are “first class” or set aside for groups with advanced bookings, and the place is often overbooked. The restaurant, in Taipei’s university quarter, opened after owner Yang Mao-Hui figured that he could ride some of the Airbus A380’s recent fame in the aviation industry by offering a simulated experience.

In addition, there is a window as windows, adjustable seats, carpets and even the cockpit lighting as aboard the A380. But of course, the menu is much better than usual in the plane.

By – Sneha Suresh


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