Adventurous Festivals for All


Adventures are doubtlessly awesome and so are the exalted feelings after accomplishing the feat of an adventure. But such adrenaline-rushing experiences are not limited to adventures only. The same fun and thrill can also be experienced right near you, although for a short period of time, during some festivals. Okay, that may not sound appropriate yet, but let us admit that we are all very much excited during our favourite festivals. And excitement is an indication of having a great experience. So, more or less that refers to having an adventure of a milder sort. Now, here is a list of some of the amazing festivals celebrated around the world (arranged according to the months of a calendar) that are no less in the degree of excitement to hiking or rappelling.

  1. January: The month of January brings happiness and hope throughout the world and also brings in awesome festivals celebrated on the 1st of January or the days following it. One such example is Australia’s “Let Them Eat Cake” festival, where you eat to your fill, dance, sing and have fun on New Year’s Eve. There is also the “Wakakusa Yamaaki” festival in Japan, a day on which the mountainsides are set ablaze. January also ushers in many film and music festivals, which are simply amazing.
  2. February: Love is in the air in February with the Valentines’ Day. But apart from this amorous festival, there is “Carnivale Di Venezia” a carnival in the beauty of Venice and the very famous Rio Carnival. “Mardi Gras” is another festival held in Louisiana, in which you dress up in colours and celebrate on the streets. There is also the Sky Lantern Festival held in Taiwan where thousands of lighted lamps are floated in the air and wishes are made.
  3. March: The summers of March brings in festivals like “Holi” in India, when people play on the streets with colours and celebrate the universal brotherhood, and “St. Patrick’s Day” of the United States when people celebrate the “golden and green” agriculture with traditional Irish soda and bread. A nice start to a colourful summer, isn’t it?
  4. April: Now is the time to start enjoying with celebrations like the “Kings’ Day” of Netherland and Amsterdam, “Snowbombing” of Austria and the “Songkran” festival of Thailand. These are some of the most exciting and famous festivals of the world. Looking forward to go wanderlust, are you?
  5. May: The season of “the darling buds” ushers in amazing festivals like the “Starts of the White Nights”, celebrated in Russia, which is one of the longest, beautiful and engaging festivals of the world, celebrated from mid-May to mid-July. After this awesomeness, we also have the popular “Cannes Film Festival” of France, the leading film festival of the world.
  6. June: This is the month of great festivals and cultural events. In Pilton, Somerset, UK, there is this awesome event called “Glastonbury”, in which people come together to listen to great music in silly costumes in a farm. Then there is the “San Vino Wine Fight” of Spain. Now, are you fond of music festivals? Head to Leicestershire, UK, for the three-day amazing music festival named “Download”.

Now we reach to the middle of a year and you have the list of some of the most popular and fun-filled festivals and events to enjoy. So, enjoy reading these or simply book the tickets for the next year and set your wanderlust spirit free. Meanwhile, we shall cover up some more amazing festivals and celebrations that are celebrated from July to December in the next article. Stay Tuned!


By – Abhipsa Mohanty


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