Do you have what it takes to be a Foodie?


The term ‘foodie’ is so cliched that we tend to associate the term with anyone who is fond of eating or eats a little more than the average. But trust us, being a foodie is much more than that. So, if you think you are a foodie or know someone who you think is, then test it out here with us. We got it all covered with a list of what it really takes to be a foodie. And we assure you, this information is well certified by science and psychology. Ready for the test? Here we go with the 6 most important points: –

  1. A foodie is a person who has a refined interest in food and who eats food not out of hunger but due to their interest or hobby.
  2. A foodie is someone who would prefer to sit at their favorite restaurant, enjoying a good meal to sweating it out in an amusement park; that is to say food is a major source of pleasure for them.
  3. People who take an immense interest in being the first ones to grace restaurant openings and closings, joining cooking classes, learning about restaurant management, wine tasting, beer sampling and other activities of the like are definitely foodies.
  4. Foodies have a prominent presence on social media. They have their YouTube channels, blogs and several media posts-yeah you guess right-all about FOOD. They show what they are cooking, share a new recipe they learnt or bug you with the details of the best nachos in town.
  5. Do you know what is food porn? If you are, then now you know fully well whom to accuse for its wildfire spread on the internet – foodies! And for those of you who are not aware of the term, food porn refers to the common practice of taking photos of food and beverages consumed at home or outside and sharing them on the Net.
  6. And of course, that person who can talk of nothing but food for most of the time, and who suggests hanging out at restaurants and bars almost everytime you guys go out, is doubtlessly a foodie.

That ends the list.

Okay, so did you identify yourself with a foodie? Or did you just discover that someone around you can be labelled as a foodie? And do you know of any other points which can brand someone as a foodie? Share with us in the comments.

By – Abhipsa Mohanty


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