The Underwater Incantation Awaits You

Being a child we have always wondered about the world under the water bodies, fascinated by the concept of mermaids and their stories. In the book Harry Potter - The Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling we know that to win the Triwizard cup the participants had to go into the black lake to find... Continue Reading →


Strange Customs Around the Tables

Talked of food and talked of restaurants, countries and places. Now, lets talk a bit about how to eat your food – the table manners! But wait; do read on, for these are not the conventional, boring manners that we are bound to follow at home or outside, but these are about some incredible manners... Continue Reading →

The Floating National Park

Imagine standing on a piece of land that floats on water. No, not for some fictitious narration or a movie scene, but in real life – this is something that’s actually possible in Manipur.Loktak Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Northeast India. This iconic lake, located in Bishnupur district, at a distance of 53 km... Continue Reading →

Transition of Adventure Sports

Extreme Sports, commonly and popularly known as adventure sports to us started around 90s. The X Games started promoting their annual extreme sport through different marketing firms. It gained familiarity from then and now it became a “MUST DO THING”. Well adventure sports unlike other sports basically gives the adrenaline rush which one can never... Continue Reading →

Danger Lurks Behind the Beauty

Iguazu Falls, Brazil Cascade is the complete creative creation of the nature blended with pros and cons, they teach a lesson flow is the symbol of life, stagnation is the exit of elixir of life. The water and rock combo have always fascinated every being be it animals, insects, microbes  or human. The most captivating... Continue Reading →

Hiking to the Tiger’s Nest

The Tiger’s Nest Monastery, also known as Paro Takstang, is one of Bhutan’s most recognized spots. Even people on the quickest of tours through Bhutan find the time to make it here. Why? Because this place is extraordinary. The Tiger’s Nest Monastery is a small collection of buildings precariously perched on a cliff, 900 meters... Continue Reading →

The Mixing Game has Got Theme

The blending of various drinks with the bitters or liquors has emerged from the 18th centuries where the rulers obsessed with alcohol always remained tipsy whether they were working,writing, selling goods , getting married or even fighting. Gradually they named this bungle as COCKTAIL   which again had got different myths of its origination . One... Continue Reading →

Seattle: The Awesome Exerience

Forget Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco: Seattle is having it’s moment. With its mountain-filled vistas and the promise of its copious seas, there’s something magical in the misty air that each summer calls curious weekenders up to the farthest reaches of the Pacific Northwest. Add to that a bevy of buzzy new restaurants, hotels, and watering holes making... Continue Reading →

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